IFTA Services

Motor Carrier IFTA taxes are an important aspect of carrier operations. With services ranging from initial IFTA application and decal ordering, to quarterly IFTA filings, we can ensure your operations are properly covered.

IFTA License and Authority

FMCSA Motor Carrier License Application

Application for new entity carrier authority. Includes MC Number, DOT Number, and BOC-3 Process Agent Filing.

IFTA Additional Vehicle Decal(s)

Additional IFTA decal orders.

IFTA Account Renewal

New year IFTA license renewal. We help ensure your decals are ordered on time for continued operations into the new year.

IFTA Quarterly Tax Processing and Filing

IFTA Quarterly Tax Processing and Filing

Mileage and fuel processing for IFTA tax totals and state agency filing. Covers first vehicle in the fleet. Does not include state fees.

Individual Vehicle Tax Amount Breakdown

Receive tax owed totals broken down on an individual vehicle basis.

IFTA Quarterly Filing (Additional Vehicles)

Tax processing and filing for additional vehicles in your fleet. Does not cover state fees.

IFTA State Agency Audit

Are you being audited by your state agency? Let us evaluate and assist with your individual tax situation. Free initial consultation. Call us at 630-422-7497 - Option 3 or email ifta@safetypartners.org