What is Factoring?

Freight factoring allows you to get paid on your load in as little as ONE day instead of waiting thirty or more days. Factoring enables a steady cash flow, allowing you to operate more smoothly.


Additional Information

Deferred Down Payment (DDP)

What is DDP? DDP can front up to half (50%) of the insured down payment.

This is not a loan. DDP gets paid back through factored loads over an eight week span.

There is a 2-step approval process:

1) Factoring Approval

2) DDP Review For Consideration

Simple to Use

Get Paid App - Quickly and easily upload invoices to get paid.

Online Portal - Obtain real time reports and statuses, view A/R, view top five clients and any outstanding balances, etc.

True Non-Recourse - Rate always stays the same and free invoicing (No additional fees for invoicing).

100 us dollar bill
100 us dollar bill
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