Is Your ELD FMCSA Compatible?

FMCSA is cracking down on ELD providers. In less than just two weeks, three ELD devices have been removed from the agency's approval list.


Marcin Rogalski

2/8/20231 min read

Recent new regulations have put many truckers in a state of panic. The Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA) has blacklisted yet another Electronic Logging Device (ELD) from their list of approved logging devices. This is the third ELD provider that has been removed from the agency's list of compatible devices, in less than just two weeks. The reason that many ELD's are being removed is because they do not meet the technical specifications required by Department Of Transportation (DOT) law.

List of ELD devices/providers that have been blacklisted:


  • Nationwide Technologies Inc (Nationwide ELD)


green and white vintage truck
green and white vintage truck

What Happens If I have one of these ELD's?

If you or your company has one of the ELD providers listed above, you will have 60 days grace period to find a new approved ELD. Any carriers who do not find a new ELD after the grace period will be considered to be operating without an ELD. Any truck driver caught using a blacklisted ELD device will be cited and put out of service.

Approved ELD Providers

You can find the complete list of approved ELD devices and providers on the FMCSA website.

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